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Evelyn Ohaus, MA

Therapist | Doctoral Trainee

Evelyn Ohaus (she/her) is currently pursuing her PsyD in Clinical Psychology specializing in Couples and Family therapy at the University of Denver (DU). Evelyn earned her M.A. in clinical psychology in 2021 from DU utilizing a systemic theory and approach to therapy. Prior, Evelyn graduated from Tulane University in 2019 with her B.S. in psychology focusing on social psychology and racial stigma research with a minor in sociology. Evelyn has worked closely with adolescents and youth through summer programs and youth centers leading up to her doctoral program, and has since gained experience working with residential drug rehabilitation programs, school counseling programs for children in junior high, high school, and university settings, as well as in community mental health centers. She has provided therapeutic services to children ranging in age from 10 to 18, as well as adults, couples and families. Evelyn additionally has significant experience providing psycho-diagnostic assessments to evaluate personality structures, learning disorders, and autism spectrum disorders to individuals ranging in age from 8 years old to late adulthood. She is passionate about providing comprehensive trauma interventions that incorporate the family and community in healing in order to build constructive coping skills at an early age for survivors of trauma. She incorporates contextual and systemic factors that are impacting healing into the therapy space, and is committed to utilizing a collaborative approach to therapy to best meet her clients needs. In Evelyn’s free time, she enjoys skiing, hiking, and backpacking as well as traveling to new places. 

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