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Caregiver Sex Ed Workshop

Caregiver Workshop


Opening the Doors to Communication:

How to Talk to Your Children about Sex



Who is this workshop for? Caregivers who want to help their kids make safe and healthy decisions about sex.

Why it’s Important: Sexual education has been shown to lower the risk of teen pregnancy, sexual infections, sexual trauma, and increase the chances that your child will come to you first.

Healthy Sexual Development

We know that sexual development happens whether we talk about it or not. We also know that the more education, knowledge, and open communication children can have with their caregivers, the less likely they are to have a teenage pregnancy, a sexually transmitted disease, or to be sexually abused. Opening the doors to this conversation helps your child have a safe, healthy person to turn to when they have questions or are faced with difficult peer situations.

What will we talk about?

Sexual development covers a wide range of topics. Some of the topics you will learn about in this workshop include basic reproduction information, sexual human development, and self-discovery. Skills you will gain from this workshop include: how to use age appropriate and medically appropriate terms, how to foster open communication with your child, and ways to talk about difficult topics.

Who is this appropriate for?

Anyone who loves their child and wants to help them make healthy, safe choices is welcome to attend this workshop. We know that sexual choices are informed by family, peers, values, and society. Our goals in this workshop are to help you learn what research says is important for your children to know (and why it's important), figure out where you stand on these topics, and help you learn to open the doors of communication so that your children will come to you with questions and concerns as they make important life decisions.

What can I expect in this three-part workshop series?

These sessions focus on answers to these questions:

Education-Why should I talk to my children about sex and sexual development? What information do I need to know so that I can talk to my children? What is normal? 

Getting comfortable-What am I uncomfortable talking about? How do I become more comfortable about this subject so that I can teach my child that I am a safe, healthy person to turn to when they have questions or concerns?

Skills- How do I talk to my child at different ages/stages about sexual development? How do I foster on-going open communication with my child about difficult topics?



Call (720) 347-8769 for more information and to sign up.

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