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Trauma-Informed Evaluations


Exposure to trauma can result in a variety of different symptoms. Trauma can impact physical health, mood, impulses, attention and consciousness, thought patterns, behavioral control, sleep, identity, and relationships/attachment. Due to this wide range of symptoms, trauma reactions are often misdiagnosed. Psychologists at Reaching HOPE are specially trained in distinguishing these symptoms from other problems and evaluating them for trauma-related disorders. 

Psychological Testing / Assessment


Psychological testing uses scientific tests to measure one's traits, feelings, symptoms, beliefs, attitudes, interests, and abilities. These test results are helpful for a variety of purposes, such as :

   -Differentiating complex symptoms when a diagnosis isn't clear
   -Determining recommendations for treatment
   -Identifying one's personal strengths and areas for growth
   -Determining progress in therapy and changes in symptoms
   -Finding career paths that are a good fit

Veteran Disability Evaluations


Reaching HOPE psychologists are specially trained and certified to conduct Veteran Disability Evaluations and are here to assist you with your disability claim. In the privacy of a Reaching HOPE office, a psychologist will conduct an interview known as a Compensation and Pension Exam to assess the evidence and severity of the disability you are claiming for benefits. Your psychologist will document the findings from your exam and submit a confidential report to VBA for review. This report, along with other information collected by VBA, will be used by VBA to make a determination on your disability claim.   

Mental Health Evaluations


Licensed psychologists conduct a clinical interview with you and assess your functioning in a variety of areas to determine your strengths as well as any areas of concern regarding your mental health. This information is summarized into a written report that includes any mental health diagnoses that are made. This option is often chosen when formal testing is not needed, but an evaluation is still needed to determine if there are any mental health concerns. 


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