Care Kits

In this kit, you will find a variety of materials that can support you and your family as you move forward. We hope this kit will foster connectedness, provide comfort, and encourage self-care for you and your family.


We believe that together we can end the cycle of trauma. 


It is our mission to help individuals heal from trauma by providing a holistic approach to mental health services that address individual, relational, and systemic healing, ultimately fortifying the health of communities for generations to come. 


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This kit was put together by the volunteers and staff of Reaching HOPE.



One Brochure

  • Learn more about Reaching HOPE and the services we offer.


One Feelings Magnet

  • Check-in as many times a day as needed. Talk about what people might be feeling and why.


One empowering questions cards

  • Empowering question cards for adults. Use as journaling prompts, conversation prompts, or ways to practice self-care.


One Sketchbook

  • Use during Telehealth sessions, or as a way to connect throughout the week. Different family members can use the book to express feelings throughout the week. Or the book can be used by multiple individuals at the same time to inspire creativity and connection.


One set of Coloring Pencils or Crayons.

  • These can be used with the Sketchbook or the Coloring book.


One set of Uno Emoji Cards.

  • This can be used to relax, have fun, identify different emotions, and connect with others in your household.


One Coloring Book.

  • This can be used by multiple household members at once to inspire connection and relaxation.


One Journal

  • This can be used during Telehealth sessions or on a regular basis for family check-ins, journaling prompts, quiet reflection and creativity.

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Four Fidget Toys.

  • These can be used during Telehealth sessions, for coping, for concentration, and to help foster relaxation.


One box of Yogi Tea.

  • Use this to encourage self-care within your household and promote relaxation and conversation.


One scented lotion.

  • To be used to encourage self-care, and to stimulate the senses and promote relaxation. 


One deck of Letz Talk Cards.

  • Promote healthy conversation and connection within your household. Ask one or two questions whenever it fits in your schedule (before school, after school, during dinner, before bed, etc.)


One jar of Aromatherapy Squishy Dough

  • Can be be used to relief stress, as well as promoting concentration and relaxation.


One container of PlayDough

  •  Promote connection and creativity within your household, express emotions, and promote relaxation during Telehealth sessions.