Board of Directors


Board President

Madeha Farrar

Sex Abuse Intake Supervisor

Adams County Human Services

Board Vice President 

Burton St. John III

Professor and Associate Chair

University of Colorado - Boulder

Board Treasurer

Jayson Post

Investment Professional

Partners Group

Board Secretary 

Cristy Davis

Former Mental Health Clinician


Lauren K. Shapiro

Architecture & Design Sales Manager



Sarah Findle

Marketing & Communications Manager

Coleman Natural Foods

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Jayson Post.jpg

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Desired Board Positions:

Governance/Board Experience 

Reaching HOPE is seeking a board member who has previous experience serving on non-profit boards of directors and who understands non-profit governance. This board member will ideally have experience with board development and recruitment, as well as have the skill to support and motivate other members to successfully carry out their duties related to organizational planning and oversight. Key qualities this person should bring to the board include passion for prevention of cruelty to children, leadership, contagious energy and an ability to motivate others. 



Reaching HOPE is seeking a board member who is committed to expanding and diversifying our funding sources through strategic thinking and leadership. This individual will inspire other board members to engage in fundraising efforts, hold other members accountable for their participation, and act as a mentor and coach to less experienced fundraisers on the Board. Ideally, this board member will have experience doing fundraising and development work for nonprofit organizations. 


Public Relations/Marketing/Social Media 

Reaching HOPE is seeking a board member with experience and expertise in marketing, social media, public relations, including the use of websites. This board member should have a good understanding of relevant technology, but does not necessarily have to be a technical subject matter expert. This board member should have relationships with people with such knowledge and leverage these connections to help Reaching HOPE develop and carry out a marketing and social media plan.