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Trauma Recovery

Trauma Therapy

"Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, rape or natural disaster. Immediately after the event, shock and denial are typical. Longer term reactions include unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, strained relationships and even physical symptoms like headaches or nausea. While these feelings are normal, some people have difficulty moving on with their lives. Psychologists can help these individuals find constructive ways of managing their emotions."  


~American Psychological Association

Child Psycholgist

Causes of Trauma

These are a few common scenarios in which an individual may experience trauma:

  • Foster care

  • Physical abuse and neglect

  • Sexual assault

  • Domestic violence 

  • Marginalization due to sexual orientation or gender identity/expression

  • Marginalization due to citizenship status and immigration-related trauma

  • Marginalization due to race and race-based trauma 

  • Traumatic grief and loss


Trauma can result in prolonged distress, known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). While some organizations only recognize PTSD, leading experts in the field of trauma recognize that there is also something called "Complex PTSD." When exposure to trauma is repeated and chronic, it can cause far-reaching symptoms across multiple domains that extend beyond PTSD. 


The aftermath of complex trauma is quite devastating and far-reaching. Children and adults often end up receiving multiple diagnoses due to the many areas of impairment that complex trauma contributes to, such as: 

  • Self-regulation, attachment, anxiety, and affective disorders 

  • Addictions, aggression, social helplessness and eating disorders

  • Dissociative, somataform, cardiovascular, metabolic, and immunological disorders

  • Sexual disorders in adolescence and adulthood

  • Borderline personality disorder

  • Poor attention, intellectual disability, delayed executive functioning, and learning disabilities

Reaching HOPE can help you determine specific ways trauma has impacted you / your child and can help you find the path to healing.

Get Help

Reach out if you believe you have been impacted by trauma, and we will work with you on a customized treatment plan that may include individual or group therapy among other services. We are currently offering telehealth treatment in both Spanish and English language. 


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