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Evaluation and Diagnosis

Reaching HOPE offers comprehensive, trauma-informed, evaluations and assessments.  Our approach is a holistic, strengths-based evaluation process that emphasizes reports that are meaningful to a client and their support system. Reaching HOPE values the client’s healing community, including family and other providers important to the client, which means that these individuals are included in the evaluation process from start to finish.

Child Psychologist

Psychological Testing / Assessment

Reaching HOPE offers psychological testing to clients across the lifespan. Our specialty areas include: evaluating children within the foster care system, diagnosing and implementing home and classroom recommendations for learning disabilities, and uncovering the impacts of trauma as it relates to difficulties with mood, interpersonal relationships, and overall functioning. Our evaluations include assessing client’s history and presenting symptoms, as well as collaboration with families and referral sources (e.g., department of human services, schools, residential treatment facilities, etc.). The commitment includes comprehensive clinical interviews, administration of the assessment measures, scoring data, putting together a detailed report ranging from 20 to 30 pages of background, data, and recommendations, and providing feedback.

Immigration Evaluations

Immigration evaluations are clinical assessments that licensed mental health professionals provide as a professional service for persons who are navigating immigration proceedings. At Reaching HOPE, these evaluations take into account the trauma that has been experienced pre-, peri- and post-migration by individuals and family systems, and the final report is provided in both English and the native language of the client (if applicable). These evaluations include feedback that highlights and recognizes the strengths and resilience that are present in each individual and family system.

Contact us to learn more or schedule an evaluation. 

*Please note, that at this time, we do not accept insurance of any kind and that our pricing is based mainly on the time required to complete evaluation in full.

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