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Trauma Recovery

Trauma Recovery Services

Family Trauma Recovery Model


Reaching HOPE offers a wide range of trauma recovery services aimed at supporting survivors (and their family members) along their journey to find peace, safety, and hope. Trauma often impacts not only victims, but their family and loved ones as well. Our philosophy is that healthy relationships heal and the best way to recover from trauma is to have the support of your trusted loved ones.


Reaching HOPE's Family Trauma Recovery program, offers a unique "family systems" approach aimed at bringing together safe family members in a time of need to support one another in the healing process. It is common for each family member to experience a different reaction when a traumatic event has occurred in the family. Families heal best when each family member has both individual time to work through these unique reactions, and time as a family to work on healing and moving forward together. To accomplish this in an efficient way, Reaching HOPE schedules family members to all come in at the same appointment time to either (a) meet with their individual therapists, (b) meet as a group with the whole family and the whole treatment team (i.e., everyone's individual therapists), or (c) split the time doing a combination of both. Services are tailored to meet your family's changing needs on a weekly basis. 

Individual Psychotherapy


Individual therapy involves one-on-one sessions with your psychologist, focused on achieving your individual trauma recovery goals and needs. Therapy often begins by focusing on safety and building coping skills to manage the immediate symptoms and trauma reactions. Once you feel more in charge of managing trauma reactions, you may be ready to talk with your psychologist more about the trauma you or your loved one has survived and how to become empowered to take your life back.


Play Therapy for Children


Play therapy is a specific type of therapy designed for children that uses play as a medium for expressing and working through their concerns. Reaching HOPE psychologists specially trained in this form of therapy use play-based techniques to better communicate with and help children achieve optimal mental health.


Family Psychotherapy


Family therapy involves interventions aimed at helping families learn how to discuss traumatic events that have impacted the whole family, strengthen connections between family members, and find healing in safe and supportive relationships. 


Couples Psychotherapy


Couples therapy is aimed at helping partners reconnect after traumatic events. Romantic relationships can be greatly impacted when one or both partners have experienced trauma. Trauma survivors often find themselves feeling scared and confused, even around a safe and supportive partner. At the same time, partners can feel confused by the survivor's reactions of isolation, irritability, excessive worry, or avoidance of intimacy, and lost as to how to support them. Couples therapy helps both partners learn how to navigate these reactions and find ways to reconnect.

Group Therapy for Adults

Group therapy involves gathering with others who have similar concerns in a supportive environment led by a psychologist. 


Groups frequently offered include:​


Contact for more information about available groups for adults.


Group Therapy for Children and Teens


Reaching HOPE offers Group Therapy as a safe space for children and teens to explore various topics with a group of peers. These group sessions are conducted via Google Meet, and are facilitated by Doctoral Therapist Trainees.


Groups frequently offered include:​​

Contact for more information about available groups for children and teens.

Animal Assisted Therapy


Hercules is a trained and registered therapy dog who works with Reaching HOPE psychologists to provide Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). AAT is a type of therapy in which a specially trained animal is an integral part of the treatment process. AAT is designed to promote improvement in human physical, social, emotional, and cognitive functioning. 

Parenting Support


Often times the weight of trauma can feel twofold for parents of traumatized children. Reaching HOPE offers therapeutic support for parents coping with the aftermath of their child's disclosure of abuse. Parenting support also includes education on how to most effectively help your child flourish after surviving adversity.


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