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Meet our staff

Grace Ritchie, MA

Therapist | Doctoral Trainee

Grace is a fourth-year doctoral student in the Child, Family, and School Psychology Program at the University of Denver. She earned her B.A. from Boston College in 2012 and her M.A. in school psychology from the University of Denver in 2021. Grace’s graduate experience includes school-based, hospital-based, and private-practice psychological services for youth aged 0-21. Her research interests include visual-arts-based treatments and interventions for youth with traumatic brain injuries. Grace formerly served as a licensed K-6 teacher in Colorado, and she draws upon her experience as an educator to support families of youth with unique needs as they navigate the school system. Her tenure as a teacher included training in and implementation of trauma-informed practices centering on community partnership. She served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate from 2018 to 2020, supporting children through the court system following alleged abuse or neglect. She is passionate about fostering diversity-affirming and inclusive communities, schools, and systems. 

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